Review: Sprinkles Gelato, Bournemouth

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'Breeze Freeze Sundae'

I like ice cream. Who doesn't? I like it more than the average person, and I like it to be of a high quality, preferably swirled with something delicious. Ben and Jerry's doesn't quite cut it for me anymore (I'll eat it if you're offering though, thanks!). Marshfield Farm is where it's at for the good stuff, failing that you can usually find a gem or two in the freezer section of Waitrose/Sainsburys. I'm definitely not adverse to a scoop or two of sorbet, and I'd have a small love affair with gelato, if he asked.

Bournemouth seems to have gone crazy for ice cream. There are ice cream parlours popping up left, right and centre; however Sprinkles currently holds the Bournemouth crown. Since opening a month or so ago, Sprinkles hasn't ceased to appear/be mentioned in some capacity on my newsfeed daily. We decided to take a trip and see what the fuss was about.

Met with a 10-15 minute long queue on a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine, things weren't too bad, but they weren't great either. Half of our crew bagged a table while we waited in line. We flipped through the wipe-clean menu, selected our desserts of choice and waited to order.

Finally we reached the front and ordered 3 sundaes, 2 waffles and a smoothie. We were told they were out of a couple of ice cream flavours and offered replacements; we were then told there'd be a half an hour wait on our order. Fine.

Behind the counter erupted scenes of chaos, waffle mixture bubbled out of the machines and onto the counter. Truly living up to it's name, there were sprinkles a-plenty, although the majority seemed to be strewn across the back of the store, rather than on sundaes.
Impressively our desserts were served  about 15 minutes after we sat down, although one waffle and the smoothie were brought to us 10 minutes later.
There was silence as the team marvelled at the size of the sundae glasses in front of us and dug in.

I had ordered the Breeze Freeze Sundae, opting for fruity sorbet over chocolatey ice cream. The sundae is described as 'vanilla gelato, lemon and mango sorbet bedded on fresh fruit served with a florentine wafer and Vivaldi cigar'. Yes, it was a split second decision and at £6.95 I was expecting something goddamn spectacular.

Foolishly upon ordering I failed to ask what the 'fresh fruit' consisted of; when our order arrived at the table I encountered my first hurdle. Mixed in with the rest of the (dubiously fresh...probably frozen) fruit was a whole ton of pineapple. Now, I love pineapple but it has a tendency to make my face go numb and tingly, I decided to 'man up' and give it a go.

The sundae was good, but I'm sceptical as to whether it was £6.95's worth of good. All of the ingredients were of standard sorbet quality, although I'm pretty sure I didn't taste the vanilla gelato at all. Presentation wise, the sundae was impressive. Served in a tall glass, layered nicely and topped with the wafer-y bits, it looked lovely. However, who really needs that much ice cream? I started to lose interest fairly quickly, and only finished the dessert as I wasn't intending to watch seven pounds melt into the bottom of a glass. Half a sundae at half the price would have made me one happy Sunday-sundae eater.

I think the others felt similar.

Fererro Frenzy- 'Spoil yourself with an amazing blend of ferrero rocher, hazelnut and chocolate ice cream served with chocolate and caramel sauce, ferrero richer pieces, chopped nuts, whipped cream, florentine wafers and a vivaldi cigar wafer.' - £5.95. Was enjoyed, but too big for one person to really enjoy, as it instantly becomes a challenge. 

Sorbet Sense- 'Mouth watering fruit sorbets served with fresh fruit salad and topped with mango and kiwi sauce. - £6.95. I think it's a bit of a mixed bag here, a mystery selection of fruit and sorbets. Apparently the sauces were excessively sickly, but this sundae earned brownie points for the blood orange sorbet. 

White Chocolate Sensation- 'Fresh hot waffle served with sliced strawberry & banana, drizzled with our delicious white chocolate syrup & white chocolate flakes.'- £5.50.  I can't see any white chocolate flakes here, but... this waffle was enjoyed. 

I don't even know what this waffle was... it isn't on the menu. Super sickly, between us we still didn't finish it! 

An overpriced smoothie that, although looking impressive, was described as 'the worst smoothie I've ever had'. 

Our experience definitely wasn't enhanced by the atmosphere and our surroundings. The owners have gone for a loose American diner style theme, with booths and high stool seating in reds, blacks and silvers; I'm down with that. However, the tone of the trip was definitely lowered by the aggressive beats blasting out from a music channel being shown on a big screen on the wall, occasionally broken up by the sweet, sweet sound of...adverts? I'm assuming their main target market is families, and I'm not so sure I'd want to subject my (non existent) children to that much sugar and noise in one go. 

In summary, Sprinkles is probably a good place to go if you're killing time of an evening (it's open until midnight) and really fancy a whole ton of ice cream; but if you're looking for quality, value for money or atmosphere I'd head elsewhere- I'd pick Giggi's over Sprinkles any day! 

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