Product Review: Cocio Classic Chocolate Milk

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Today I took a venture into the tiny Sainsbury's next to my bus stop. It's usually a less than productive trip. Last time I visited I ended up perusing the shelves for about 15 minutes, got flustered, bought a pack of peanut m&m's and left ( I don't even really like peanut m&m's); this time wasn't much better, however I managed to leave with something a little more exciting.
Strolling around the chilled section my eyes were drawn to a row of little glass bottles with yellow, vintage style labels. In an attempt to investigate further, I found myself clutching a bottle of Cocio, and for some reason I couldn't seem to put it down.
Cocio is 'classic chocolate milk', nothing new there; however it isn't full of horrible artificial tasting ingredients like a lot of the other premixed milkshakes. Made up of only three ingredients; milk, sugar and cocoa, this Danish drink is currently £1 in Sainsbury's (normal price £1.70), and I was inclined to give it a try.
Yes, I know I'm a sucker for packaging. The little glass bottle is reminiscent of school milk bottles, and the combination of this with the sleek, retro packaging means that this drink was on to a winner for me from the start.
After giving the bottle a quick shake, I popped the lid and gave the milkshake a try. Cold from the fridge, I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. Creamy but not too sweet, you can definitely taste the cocoa over the sugar, and the consistency is spot on, not too thick. Of course it's not quite diner standard, but for a pre-made milkshake from a supermarket chilled counter you could do much worse.
For £1.70 this little treat probably wouldn't make it into my basket, but at £1 I'd definitely buy it again. I'll be keeping the bottle too, it's too cute to throw away and I'm sure I'll create some concoctions over the summer to fill it with.

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